Daniel Gustaw

Web Developer specialised in super fast prototyping.

I can help create MVP, advise in choosing technical stack, build micro services architecture.

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What is important for me?

Respect for Time

I love invest time in creating detailed specification. But my webservices are developed instant and load in the blink of an eye.

Clean Code

Refactoring is one of my favorite part of writing code. I offering code review for your project and invite to check quality of my code.


Even prototype can be secured properly. I give a guarantee of security fixes and use secure communicator to exchange keys and passwords.

Understanding of Business

I am not only developer. I will try to understand your business and tune up technical solutions for your current and future needs.


You can suspect my ideas, propositions. I will actively collaborate with you to create awesome product and prepare to scale.


Any day of my work is be described in final report. You will have full knowledge what cost how much and why.


My clients opinions

The application works. Good job!

Stanisław Zakrzewsk

CEO Omnisys S.A.

An extremely organized and versatile guy. Daniel developed the Swapson web platform for me, I greatly appreciate his concern for quality and attention to detail. I would highly recommend.

Tomasz Olszewski

CEO Swapson

In a week you saved me several months of work.

Filip Topolski

Marketing Director Befame sp. z o.o.

After a week of testing I've already got one great offer, it only proves that the application works.

Andrzej Byzdra

Real Estate Investor

We can turn your vision into working web service

Let me know what you need.

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Daniel Gustaw